Personal Data Protection Authority
As ÇizgiMax.unaux.com (“ÇizgiMax”), in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. It is explained with this illumination text (“Illumination Text”) that it can be processed in this context. I. What is the Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Your Personal Data? Your personal data refers to all kinds of information and documents, including health information, that you have submitted to us in writing, verbally and/or electronically during and/or after your membership application, and this information is stored in physical and digital media. . Your personal data may be processed and transferred within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated by the KVKK, with the natural and legal persons specified in this Clarification Text, in the country and abroad for the following purposes. II. For What Purpose Do We Process Your Personal Data? Your personal data, • Ensuring the activation of the membership process in accordance with all relevant legislation, • To carry out our activities in line with the purposes defined by Cartoonflix within the framework set out above, • To provide opportunities such as membership, invitation, benefiting from events and to perform all necessary procedures to make them available to you, • ÇizgiMax and its related companies/organizations* and III. Within the scope of the purposes and activities of other real and/or legal persons specified in the article, • To inform you about their services, • To provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the products, services and opportunities related to their field of activity, • To be able to inform about the services to be provided and their contents, • Promotions, promotions, discounts, etc. from their general and special campaigns. Informing you about the advantages such as, making use of it, sending congratulations and wishes, • Informing you of the content, ticket sales and developments related to their activities, • To use for commercial purposes in line with ÇizgiMax interests and policies, • To be able to analyze personal data and information in statistical studies without disclosing identity for the improvement of services, • To inform you about the content, opportunities and innovations of the sponsors, supporters and business partners of ÇizgiMax, • To inform you about the information, events and services requested by you, • To be able to process your personal data, preferences, transactions, browsing time and details in the channels where your party logs in using your user name and password, together with other data obtained, • Application/application management, • To ensure the security of your personal data kept by ÇizgiMax and to transfer your data for this purpose, • To copy/back up in order to prevent data loss, • To be able to send commercial electronic messages by obtaining separate approval in accordance with the legal regulations, • To make notifications (renewal, expiration, etc.) of all loyalty cards and website memberships (renewal, expiration, etc.) of ÇizgiMax and its related companies / organizations*, and any communication that may be established with you, To notify about new services and products to be offered, changes, innovations etc. that may occur in personal data policies and membership conditions, • To ensure the fulfillment of legal obligations, as required or mandated by legal regulations, and • For other purposes specified in the KVKK, ÇizgiMax and its related companies/organizations* and III. It can be processed by other real and/or legal persons specified in the article. III. To Whom Do We Transfer Your Personal Data and For What Purpose? Your collected personal data, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated by the KVKK and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK, and for the purposes mentioned above, including the companies / organizations and subsidiaries to be established in the future under the umbrella of ÇizgiMax. Lineflix and its related companies/organizations* and their business partners, suppliers, service providers, real and/or legal person shareholders; It can be transferred to legally authorized public institutions and private individuals. *ÇizgiMax and its related companies/organizations are as follows: Cartoonflix’s other sites IV. Circumstances in which ÇizgiMax may Process your Personal Data without Express Consent pursuant to KVKK: Pursuant to Article 5 of the KVKK, in the following cases, ÇizgiMax may receive personal data without your explicit consent as stated above and in accordance with the law.

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